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Dear Data Natives,
At Data Natives we are always looking to the stars for inspiration.

One such star is IBM. With over 200.000 patents and $80 billion annual revenue, their nickname 'big blue' is pretty accurate. Did you know that 90% of global credit card transactions are processed on IBM mainframes? And that 97% of the world's largest banks use IBM products to run their systems?

WOW, right?
Well, you can see them shining bright up and close very soon. During the two-day DN19 conference, IBM hosts our Data Science & Developer track (DSD), where you'll get your hands on new innovations, connect with IBM experts and learn more than you can imagine.
But first...

Don't miss your last chance to do all that with a ticket discount. Tonight, we are reaching the end of our fabulous October sale on DN19 tickets. You have until 23:59 CET to get them.
Where there is data smoke, there is business fire
Having data to back up your business decisions is awesome, figuring out how to apply & implement it is challenging. That's why this year IBM joins DN19 to explain to us how to truly become a data-driven organization based on their world-renowned clients' use cases.
Today, companies face many challenges in their pursuit to become truly data-driven and realize the full potential of data. Such challenges are data availability, the capacity to process, store and analyze the data, sharing models and artifacts across teams and so on. Through different use cases, Naseeb and Amin will show you what to focus on and what steps should be taken.
IBM's Data Science & AI Elite Team is there to boost your team with the right skills, methods, and tools to win AI in weeks. Van den Heever is set to help their clients lead with Data Science.

In her talk "Structural Graph Analysis of Financial Transactions Using Apache Spark," Jacqueline Neef will show what is possible through the BaFin use case. She'll show how a tailored preprocessing pipeline, vertex-cut partitioning and Spark performance tuning techniques lead to success.

You'll find out everything you need to know about analytics. Data analytics is often a challenge for companies who want to become data-driven. Just like combining internal with external sources and creating/deploying/monitoring machine learning models. Visit Hoge's talk and you'll find out exactly how IBM Solutions for Data & AI can help.
For Data Scientists and Developers: Hands-on labs and practical DevOps

Through educational talks and hands-on demonstrations, you'll learn everything you've dreamed of. Take this opportunity to get connected and get inspired:

"Trusted AI: Building Reproducible, Unbiased and Robust AI Pipelines using the Python OpenSource stack", by Romeo Kienzler, Chief Data Scientist, IBM Center for Open Source Data and AI Technologies (CODAIT) in San Fransisco

"Practical DevOps: helpful and important for Data Scientists, too", by Thomas Müller, DevOps Technical Leader DACH at IBM Deutschland

"Data Science in Action. Hands-on Lab with Watson Studio", by Stephan Lobinger, Lead Solution Architect at IBM Switzerland

"Scale Your Python Code for the Cloud and how Serverless Computing can help", by Rene Meyer, Cloud IT Architect at IBM Deutschland

"The Next Level of Virtual Assistants", by Matthias Biniok, Lead Watson Architect DACH at IBM Deutschland

See you in November,

The Data Natives Team

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